Falling For The Sun

Recently, I have found myself
Staring at the sun a little too long,
I know I’m not meant to,
But I haven’t been able
To explain her beauty yet.

I have been careful not to get too close,
As I fear I will get burned.
It would be so much easier,
To fall for her,
If she didn’t already hold such a large portion of my heart.
And it would be easier to love her now,
If she didn’t have the ability
To melt the wax right off my wings.

I was told not to fly too close to her
But I was also told not to stray too far,
And I worry that I might lose her light soon.

She makes me a better flyer,
And a better man,
But she melts wax like the fire on a candle
And I fear that I will fall for her, the Sun.


6 thoughts on “Falling For The Sun

  1. Such a beautiful poem. Sunsets are one of my favorite things in the world and I love the Sun so much. Reading a poem like this about it makes me shiver.


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