Chasing You

Before I met you I didn't know why the Sun rose I didn't know how something that bright Could be chasing anything. Then I met you, And when I looked at you I started to shine And it was only then that I understood. I suddenly understood Everything. I saw the Sun rise and shine … Continue reading Chasing You



She rolls over Touches my torso with eyes closed She reminds me then of the tulip And I couldn’t tell you why, But I trust her. She moves with grace and ease Convincing me to share something. She tells me not to be quiet But I still have trouble standing When it’s light out. I … Continue reading Skin

48 Seconds

She is so fucking gorgeous And that is the least interesting thing about her. I never wanted to fall in love with her All I ever wanted to do was understand her; But it was in exploring that I found her soul And I am convinced that anyone would fall for such beauty. I had never written … Continue reading 48 Seconds