Lingering Wonder

She gives you something that you will have forever Like a good teacher- the kind you get when you’re young. She leaves you With lingering wonder And a love you’ve only ever read about. She holds you with her kind eyes Cradling your head with soft hands And she is always cold But you would … Continue reading Lingering Wonder


New Heartbreak. Same Pit.

This love taught me heartbreak in the realist sense. It’s not that I lost you or even wronged you, It’s that the circumstance we fell upon Gives me that pit in my stomach. The kind of pit that grows relentlessly, The kind of pit that sticks around. And the worst part of all of it, … Continue reading New Heartbreak. Same Pit.

Chasing You

Before I met you I didn't know why the Sun rose I didn't know how something that bright Could be chasing anything. Then I met you, And when I looked at you I started to shine And it was only then that I understood. I suddenly understood Everything. I saw the Sun rise and shine … Continue reading Chasing You


She rolls over Touches my torso with eyes closed She reminds me then of the tulip And I couldn’t tell you why, But I trust her. She moves with grace and ease Convincing me to share something. She tells me not to be quiet But I still have trouble standing When it’s light out. I … Continue reading Skin