Seeing Galaxies

She took his breath away then And it took everything in him not to run away with her He looked at that girl and saw his future He saw galaxies in her eyes And a world he wanted to rule with her He saw love And peace And he couldn't help but smile. That's all … Continue reading Seeing Galaxies


Moments of Giving Up

It is easy to love you When the sun is shining And I have Hillsong in my ears. But when there's hate in their eyes And the tests all come back positive, My flame dims And my heart breaks And the last thing I want to be Is a teacher Or a minister Or the change … Continue reading Moments of Giving Up

48 Seconds

She is so fucking gorgeous And that is the least interesting thing about her. I never wanted to fall in love with her All I ever wanted to do was understand her; But it was in exploring that I found her soul And I am convinced that anyone would fall for such beauty. I had never written … Continue reading 48 Seconds