Be Young (with me)

We are much too young
Not to be completely stupid.
I wish you saw what I did,
But you treat the day as a job.

Our best mistakes must be today,
And with each other.
And if that scares you,
Hold my hand.
Because I love you.
And there’s parts of you
That I don’t know yet.

Being like everybody else is boring.
So take your shot,
Don’t explain your choices,
Just hit the nail on the head
And conquer the day
Like you did yesterday.

We are young now,
But nobody has time to apologize.
So live the life they don’t want you to,
And pick yourself back up, every time,
Before anyone has realized you fell.

We’re only getting older,
Be young while you can,
Take my hand while it’s warm,
And love me now,
Like today’s the first day on Earth.
The day evolves faster when the week is old,
Just hold my hand and let me explain yourself.


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