Drama: An Artifact

I have observed you creating drama
In order to make things appear interesting
But drama does not make things interesting
It makes things dramatic
I hope you learn that things do not need to be dramatic
To be interesting
Nor do things need to be interesting at all

You have been struggling with difference
For some time now
I know this
Because you overcorrect for your desire for acceptance
By not giving people the chance to accept you
Somewhere down the line you for in in you head
That people that are different are special
And therefore more important
More valuable

But instead of celebrating your true uniqueness
You went searching for things
To break the mold of your material world

The most beautiful differences between you and others
Does not lie in your music taste
Nor your style and hair color
No, the most beautiful difference is your passion
Your desires and your drive to succeed.

The most beautiful difference
Is you.


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