I Will Never Find Love Again

I will never find love again
I will never find love again.

The first time I met her was in Tara:
A big eyed beauty with butterfly clips in her hair.
I met her on the playground and saw youth in her eyes.
We fell in love on the blacktop
Sewing together words with chalk
And always trying to be more than we were.

My first heartbreak came at 14:
She moved away,
Crushing my freshman heart into a million pieces
And leaving me wondering
If I ever again would find a girl who looked at me
The way she did.
Which I would.

Then came the girl who shook me to my core,
A whole 4 years later.
I met her at school
And saw holiness in her eyes.
She never asked for anything
But I gave her everything I had
And she left me without warning,
Without having to think twice
And I swore to stray from love for a while.

But then she came along:
Long blonde hair
And eyes as blue as the morning sky above the valley.
We met in Church
And I saw myself in her eyes.
And there she was,
I’m not sure if those other forms she took were as real,
All I know is
I’ll never have to find her again
Because she will always be here
Looking me straight in the eye.


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