This is the kind of love that scares people out of bed.
You look at me like I have given you something important,
And maybe I have,
But this is the kind of love that lasts a lifetime.
And I never thought I would find you this young,
But I did.
I’ve been running and running for years and years
And now I can’t remember where I was headed
Or what was chasing me in the first place.
But you’re here now
And somehow that is enough.
Every time I see you I want to tell you
All the little things that had me smiling today
But I’m scared that you’ll grow tired
Of hearing me talking about you.

I wish I did,
But I don’t remember what life was like
Before I loved you.
All I remember is not knowing you
And then loving you.

You’ve told me that I am a single man,
But I don’t live like I am.
It burns that you think of me as one,
And I’m not sure it even makes sense,
But I rather be single with you
Than taken alone.


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