Things I Am Afraid Of

  1. You know that feeling after you jump, right before you’re about to land back on your feet? That feeling that you’ve been flying for so long, that earth misses you, that gravity is pulling you back to safety? I’m afraid I’ll lose that someday. I’m afraid that if I get comfortable enough with myself, that gravity will lose sight of the things that matter. Like catching me.
  2. Dentists.
  3. I fear that I will go out looking for something, and lose myself in the process.
  4. I fear falling in love with someone that is like me. Someone who can see through my filters, someone who knows better than to trust my emotions.
  5. Never feeling complete. I fear that being in a state of constant evolution will never be enough for me. I fear that I will never reach the thing I’ve been working towards since birth.
  6. I fear that one day I will trip and fall, and I will bite off my tongue.
  7. I fear that there are people out there that have grudges against me and I don’t even know.
  8. I am afraid that people will find me ordinary.
  9. I am afraid that I will have to sacrifice authenticity to be successful.

10. I fear that the life I envision for myself is not one that I am destined to have.


3 thoughts on “Things I Am Afraid Of

  1. Wow, I lost my words reading this. It’s not only mind blowing and it makes you question your existence but now I realized that I have similar fears. Some even the same and the fact that I only realized that now, when I checked them while reading, is brutally realistic.

    Very nice post 🙂


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