To: My Future Child

There are parts of this world I wish you didn’t have to see. There are parts of me that I wish you didn’t have to know. And there are parts of yourself that you are going to wish weren’t there. There are no true flaws in you, child. When I tell you that you are perfect it is not a metaphor or a hyperbole or a lie. When I tell you that you are beautiful I need you to understand that I strung the words together just for you in that moment, and that I am telling you this with as much confidence as I have. You are perfect. Yes, I may be biased, but I am also a grown up so I know everything.

You remind me of myself as a child; and there are pieces of your mother in you that make me laugh when I get to see them. It was so easy to fall in love with you, because even before you were ours you had a piece of us inside of you. I love you.

Not everyone here knows what they do. You will learn this not when I tell you, but when someone comes to you begging for forgiveness. I want you to know that people will do mean things to you not because you deserve it but because this is the way the world works. I want you to know that people may not have a problem with you, but they will hurt you because of a problem they have with themselves.

People will tell you that prosperity involves money or love or fame. I will tell you always, that if you are happy, and you feel God in your life, than you are prosperous. You do not need money or fame or other’s validation of your life to be prosperous. People won’t always accept your happiness because it won’t look to them like happiness. But if you live your life trying to please someone else’s desire, you will never be happy.

I will never abandon you. And as much as you think you could, there is nothing that could be done that could take away from the love I have for you.

You’re a lucky kid. You have a dad who will stop at nothing to give you the world, and a really hot mom. Never forget your value. I love you.


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