My bed feels so big now that I’ve imagined you here. 
The things I want to show you and the places I want to take you seem so empty and worn now that I’ve imagined your face lighting up in my city. 
Missing you has always been painful–

Now it is agony on the worst days and torture on the best. 
There is not much that I have to say to you now, as you rest. 

But if I could just give you one more piece of me, maybe you would understand. 
We fell in love under different Suns.
We parted quickly so that we could be grateful for what was to come, but nothing could ever make this okay. 
I loved you like water to a tree: begging you to take the best parts of me. 

And you loved me like the flower to the bee: you gave me so much love, that I didn’t even know what to do with it. 
We loved like maniacs. 

I was my own type of Sun, and you were a moon: we were destined to part just to return again; when one of us fell the other rose, and this happened endlessly; you let me shine and you reflected all the love I had left back at the world; I loved you like the day to the night and you never asked me to stop, and so I never did. 


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