Better This Way

Let my tears flow down 
And bring us both to sea. 
For even when we are apart
We can’t help but be together. 

Maybe we were naive. 
Maybe it was ignorance 
That got us in the end. 
Whatever the killer was,
He had beady eyes
And a heart of ice. 

Living in the heat without you
Has been a chore at best
And torture at worst. 
I’ve had to call upon the Gods again
Just to stay alive. 

Nature isn’t beautiful anymore-
Everything is grey. 
My mind has altered even the bad times
To good memories of adolescence. 
But my heart is still breaking. 

You took some of my faith when you left
And for that, I forgive you. 
You still have a part of me with you,
And for that I am sorry. 

We are better this way
You are happier
I am stronger
And both of us are better for it. 

You are more memory 
Than person now. 
And I have realized,
I am better as a memory
Than as your man. 


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