To The Man She Says She Loves Now

In the Summer, she likes vegetarian burritos and Toasted Coconut Fraps. Remember this, because trust me, it is worth her noticing.

She falls in love fast but she can only do it for so long. Try to slow her down- you’ll thank me later.

She says she doesn’t like surprises, but she does. Not big ones, or very romantic cheesy ones, but stolen kisses or her favorite song will make her day.

Oh! Another thing! She likes Christian music, but only the good stuff. She likes the songs that make you feel. And when she sings, you will want to close your eyes and take in her voice forever. But do not be fooled, for if you give any clue that you are listening- she will stop.

Remind her that she is a beautiful person. Trust me, she hears everyday that she is gorgeous. But you must tell her that she means something to you. Tell her that the way she treats people is inspiring. Tell her that she has given this world more than it deserves. Tell her that her heart is just as beautiful as those big brown eyes. And whenever she needs a reminder, tell her that she is so much more than another pretty girl.

Take care of her, I beg of you. She will want to put others first, especially you. But you must watch her. She puts herself second or third more often than sometimes and at times she needs a hand. She rarely ever asks for help, so if she does never hesitate and when she doesn’t- offer.

Love her like it is the last day that you have with her, because if she ever decides that she is better off somewhere else, you may never see her again.

Sincerely, the owner of that name you hear in passing.


11 thoughts on “To The Man She Says She Loves Now

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  3. So beautiful! I recently broke up to be with someone else so this resonates very well with me. In a way, this poem made me feel better. I’m not sure how, but thank you for writing it πŸ™‚


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