But now that we are here
There is no pain
There is no insecurity
There is no remembering the past.
There is just you
And me
And Love.

And I can see it in your eyes
That a part of you is still tense.
So let me take it all away
Let me eat the butterflies in your stomach
Let me hold the wounded parts of you
As if your scars were my own.

All I ask,
Is that you don’t hide your face
When you feel that look coming.
You always tell me not to
“Look at that way”
But you have a weapon too-
And your heart likes it
More than you do.

There was a time
When the metaphors
Could explain everything.
But that was back when auto-tune was the norm
And neither of us knew
Of any such dust as this.

We are here.
And all I can think about
Is you
And me
And our bond
And Love.


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