I wish someone would have told meThat we were only ever meant to be temporary. 

Because when I painted my future,

It always included you. 

And nothing was ever black and white

Except the keys that you abandoned. 
You taught me that men were meant to be brave

And that the world won’t stop for a broken hearted boy. 

That I could cry myself to sleep,

And give you 10,000 lakes but you would still run to him at night. 

You taught me that just like there are things bigger than me, there are things bigger than us. 
But you never really listened. 
You never really sang to me. 
You never saw the way I looked at you when you were distracted. 
And I still don’t understand why we’re here now,

But I have a pretty strong understanding of you. 

And you’ve shown me that it’s pretty fucking hard to hate someone once you understand them. 


6 thoughts on “Temporary

  1. This is exactly how I’m feeling right now Beautiful poetry as always. I’m just wondering, do you ever enter your poetry into writing contests or anything like that? I think you would stand a pretty good chance. You seem passionate about what you write and it gives me this indescribable feeling when I read it. Sorry if I’m rambling or sound weird haha bottom line, your a good writer and they make people feel something keep it up.


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