What I Learned From You

I learned a lot from you.
I learned how to trust again,
And how to believe in something
I knew wasn’t real enough to taste.
I learned that I can love another person
And want them to fail at the same time.
I learned that being in love
Is not always a good enough reason
For two people to stay together.
I learned that I can be happy alone,
But happier with you
And that only after one’s heart shatters
Can he really see the world for what it is.

I learned a lot from you.
I learned that a rose by any other name
Will still cut deep if you grab it right.
I learned that roses can’t fix relationships
And neither can kisses
Or tears
Or apologies.
I learned that you
And me
Didn’t lose  
Because we failed to complete each other,
But because we failed to complete ourselves.
I learned that it isn’t anyone’s job to fix another,
And that men and women are not two halves of a whole.
I learned that love exists
And that I hate it.
I learned that heartache
And heartbreak
Never stray too far from each other,
And that my heart can take a lot of damage
Before my mind feels the pressure.

I learned a lot from you
Which is why I still imagine you
When I think about my own future.
Because you taught me so much,
You will always have a piece of me.


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