After the war,
This body never felt like mine.
But when we kissed above the cars,
I thought for a second
That I could control the waistline.

It had been a while
Since I had full control.
But when you pulled me in-
One last time,
Everything that I once had
Felt like hidden memories.

The last kiss,
The quick one,
That was exchanged
The very last second,
That is the one I remember most.

I remember kissing you, hard,
And turning away from the crowds.
I remember feeling
Like goodbye from that place,
That goodbye from your lips,
Was a goodbye from you.

There was a force born that day,
Between our hearts, yes,
But between our bodies as well.
I can only describe the feeling
As a pull similar to gravity.
When I tripped,
You made me fall.
When I was drifting,
You held me down.
And when all I could do
Was kiss you,
You kissed back, hard.

It was that day,
Above all the cars in the world,
That our gravity was born.


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