It’s going to be weird,
We have to be okay,
We always are.
But awkwardness is inevitable
And I’m not sure I can handle
Holding back the smile you gave me.

I find it hard to ask you the questions you need
When I already know the answer.

I’m scared that Monday will come,
And I will see you in the only light God will allow,
And I’ll fall a little more.

I also fear that because
I have new freckles since last we spoke,
And I part my hair on the left now,
And there’s new acne on me,
You won’t recognize the love you once had.

I know it hasn’t been any time at all,
But I know how fragile you are,
And how much you don’t like change.
So I want to help you,
Look out for you now,
But my cells keep multiplying
And dying,
And I fear you will notice
And it will be awkward.


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