There are some people,
Certain beings out there,
Who you meet by destiny.
Their existence in your life
Is nothing short of fate.

When you see these people
For the first time,
A part of you,
Deep down,
Where no one ever talks about- knows.
When you hear them speak
For the first time,
You can hear how special they are.
That part of you,
The part no one recognizes,
Can hear how important
They will be to you.

Nadia was one of these people.
She had the most loving eyes,
And a heart that would make the even most dark sing out in praise.

We met at the hand of chance.
When the Sun rested the night before,
The stars aligned
To have us find one another.
Neither of us should have been there.
And other day on the calendar,
I would have been in class,
And she would have been finishing an essay.
But alas,
Some old omnipotent guy in a cloud somewhere
Had already written for us to meet.

So we arrived,
I late,
She early,
To the midterm seminar-
Lacking in rhetoric
But exhibiting high levels of refutation.

My eyes met her
Before the rest of me did.
Perhaps if I was born in any other light
The rest of me never would have.

I gave into the bowl of sweets offered to us
And as if acting with the knowledge
Of our friendship’s potential,
Hand picked the cousin to her choice.

She had always been the girl
To let others go before her
I was the boy who held open doors.
She gave love to people she didn’t know
Before she gave any to herself.

Nadia could hear the world,
But not herself.
The way her ears spoke to her mind
Would make you question.
But her heart had the perfect balance
Of objective and subjective reasoning.

I hadn’t talked to her much that day
But she got my full name out of me.
I didn’t know it at the time,
But this girl had listening down to a science.

She was the kind of girl
To spark up a conversation with a stranger,
To pray for those she had yet to meet,
To cry at the sight of pain
Or fear
Or beauty.

When we met,
My mind told me to quit,
That we were advancing too fast,
It told me that my family was big enough,
That I had reached the maximum capacity
Of “Heart People”.
But that part of me,
The one no one brings up in conversation,
Knew this was meant to be.


14 thoughts on “Nadia

  1. Hi! What a beautiful and such as smooth poem i’ve read. I wonder how was you write a poem? You’re such as my role poetry. Can you share me some advice or tips for a bombastic poem? I was 17 and come from Malaysia. I wish you’ll help me. I can use it for my examination. Maybe? If you will be alright, can you email me some tips? I’ll wait.


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