Remembering Us

I remember the late nights in my garage. 
I remember not wanting to let you inside- the fear of friendship. 
I remember you meeting my mother on a school night. 
I remember you telling which teachers were nice, and where to sit at lunch, and which cafeteria foods were safe. 
I remember putting on a brave face when the lightening came- and seeing through yours when we heard thunder. 
I remember howling like wolves when we saw the moon. 
And wishing on stars that our mothers wouldn’t call us home. 
I remember blowing out candles and keeping my wish for you. I only wanted the smell, not the wish. 
I remember you giving me everything. 
I remember giving you advice on things I had never been through. 
I remember meeting your friends and having too much fun. 
I remember praying for an age boost, and a tomorrow. I remember wanting so bad to be in your grade. But we had physics together, and then we didn’t. I wanted to catch up to you. 
I remember editing our YouTube videos in your living room, and your mother blaming me for everything. 
I remember getting beat by your cat’s fur. I remember not understanding why anyone would ever want an allergic for a pet. 
I remember the day your cat died. I remember missing your cat. I remember mourning my niece and apologizing to her- the dead cat, for all the times I made a funny face at her, for all the times I cursed the very fur that kept her warm. 
I remember holding your hand as you pretended not to feel. 
I remember freshman year as a victory. I remember feeling like I finally caught up to you, and how now it was okay to be best friends. 
I remember planning to grow old together. We planned to live across the street from one another, and planning to build a pathway from one house to the other. 
Either a tunnel or a bridge, I remember changing dreams every weekend. 
I remember not believing how hard your classes were. I remember wanting to be homeschooled. 
I remember hugging you for the last time before you left. 
I remember finally using my birthday wish for something. I remember closing my eyes, and folding my hands, and wishing on stars that someday you would return- and remember. 


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