“Things I Noticed When I Unplugged Myself” OR “The Day I Left My Headphones at Home”

I noticed that, between my house and the bus stop you can hear the wind.
I noticed that, if you listen closely- the wind sings to you.
For the first time, I could tell you that the wind was made for me.
The wind is a symphony and the trees and bushed are the violins, the cellos.
I learned that it is very cold this winter, and that the bus driver waits for a long time to come.
Either waiting around the corner, or picking up stragglers on the highway:
My bus driver is definitely out to get me.
I noticed, my bus driver plays the radio in the morning.
I noticed, The Butterfly Waltz sounds awfully similar to that wind.
I finally saw the way the bud driver smiles at the children as I do.
She laughs at their arrogance the way I do.
I noticed that with every stop sign, she secures another bit of my safety.
The day without headphones was hard.
I noticed how much I missed Frank Sinatra, Nirvana.
But what I noticed most was how I could, for once, listen to the world,
Listen to the music of the classroom, the halls.
I noticed her smile, and mine.
I noticed the hundreds of sounds rain can make.
Tomorrow, I plan to leave my headphones at home.


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