How to Love Her- Even After

Love her. Show her kindness, and give her hope.
Cry with her, even if it’s for the last time.
Hold her when she needs you.
Hold her when she doesn’t want you to.
Listen to her; Because maybe you’re the first person to.
Maybe you’re the first person to tell her she’s beautiful
— And don’t you dare break her heart.
But when you do, buy her ice cream and a movie,
Clean up your mess.
Call her. Even if you don’t want to-
Even if you can’t stand to hear the voice you lost,
Even you are still stuck on her like gum on a shoe-
Call her.
Don’t buy her jewelry, buy her chocolate.
And if she doesn’t like candy,
And she rather see flowers alive and in the ground
Buy her a bush, with 11 roses and one that is chocolate.
Love her until the 12th rose dies,
That way when you stop it’s on her this time.
Love her.
Treasure her presence as if it is the last time you will see her
— Because it just might be.
Call her- And listen to the way she smiles.
Listen to the way the edges of her mouth curl towards the Heavens.
Love her.
Approach her with a gentle hand
And an open mind.
Show her kindness and give her hope.
Cry with her, even if it’s for the last time.


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