Happier Times

Our first kiss, we are the only stars in the city. 
Our first time alone, is the only thing left, edged in your smile lines. 
When the silence returns you will try to ask me how I am. 
When my demon returns you will smile, and tell me I look good. 
I will agree. Because throwing myself off our balcony looks a lot like flying to me. 
I will agree because nodding eases my silence and feeds my demon. 
Because you need me to. 
Because you will stay. 
The first time you leave, it will be because of a fight. 
The second time you leave me I will pray for a fight. 
But the last time you leave me I will stage a confession to try and make you stay. 
But you won’t
— They never do. 
I am all alone, 
With half the stars in this city. 
And all the guilt for those smile lines. 

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